Having to wear my going out clothes to work (i work in a school) this morning cause ive got no room in my bag and im going straight there… hmm awkward.


Wealth is relative. This is our jackpot.


i feel like once you were emo in middle school youre low key emo for the rest of your life, like you could be 20 in the middle of college wearing uggs or whatever but once you hear the first key to the black parade/i write sins/sugar we’re going down you sprout an imaginary fringe and start yelling your lungs out like its 2007 all over again


craftandlore:   From American Barns and Covered Bridges, by Eric Sloane

I deff care about how i present my self 100% more than i did last year.
(Ive also stopped wearing boys clothes and started using my handbag)


Halloween Pumpkins Expressions

Toronto I luv U🐾